From The Beginning

For a long time I resisted the idea of having a blog. Working in the food and wine industry, one comes across food bloggers, self-appointed foodies, unauthorized “experts” on a regular basis. Most of these people are redundant, uncharismatic, self-righteous a-holes. MOST of them. But then, every once in a while you will meet someone doing something excellent. There are some people out there who are just trying to shine a light on something new and exciting happening in the world. Some new, raw talent that needs assistance being discovered. Or perhaps just trying to share a little love and spread a little goodness. Now what is so evil about that?

My life right now is undergoing a tumultuous amount of change: A relationship ended – a move back home (the third move of the year, might I add) – a change in work – a change in scenery – a change in outlook – oh, and did I mention that I just turned 30? With great change, I am abruptly realizing, comes great opportunity. I have a chance to start fresh and take my time doing it. Being in a place of complete uncertainty is at once terrifying and enlightening. At my darkest, all of these little lights, like stars, are finally able to be seen.

If you’ve decided to read this blog I have to apologize – I am not a writer. I actually haven’t written anything in a long, long time. If I appear rusty, that is why. If I ramble or miss-punctuate or use too many ellipses… it is because I don’t really care. This is a place to help, heal, and document ME. It is an opportunity to tell people about this big change, share my stories, open my heart, and, ideally, get a few other people out there to do the same. I promise everything will not be deep and mushy, but some of it will be. Some just pictures. It is intended to inspire, to share love, and to help all of us understand that we’re on this journey together. Thank you for listening.


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